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Martial Arts (Care of the Young Athlete)

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<p id="peo_document275.en.s001p001">More than 6 million children in the United States participate in martial arts. Martial arts are known to improve social skills, discipline, and respect in children. Children can also improve their abilities to concentrate and focus on activities, as well as bettering their motor skills and self-confidence. Martial arts can be fun and beneficial at any age.</p> <p id="peo_document275.en.p049">While the martial arts are relatively safe, injuries can happen because there is physical contact between opponents. The following is information from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) about how to prevent martial art injuries. Also included is an overview of martial arts forms.</p> </div> <div id="peo_document275.en.s002" class="disp-level1"> <h3>Injury prevention and safety tips</h3> <ul id="peo_document275.en.s002l001" list-type="bullet"> <li> <p id="peo_document275.en.s002p001"> <strong>Instructors.</strong> Experienced instructors will teach at a level appropriate for your child’s age and maturity. Lessons should emphasize technique and self-control. Experienced instructors will carefully advance your child through more complex training. Lessons should also be fun. Visit a variety of instructors and ask about their experiences with young children and their teaching philosophy.</p> </li> <li> <p id="peo_document275.en.s002p002"> <strong>Technique.</strong> An instructor’s emphasis on technique and self-control is very important in limiting the risk for injury. Children should learn to punch and kick with their hands and feet in proper position and using the appropriate amount of force. Kicks and punches with the hand or foot in the wrong position can cause injuries to fingers and toes. Punches or kicks that are too hard can cause pain or bruises. Contact to the head should be discouraged.</p> </li> <li> <p id="peo_document275.en.s002p003"> <strong>Equipment.</strong> Safety gear should fit properly and be well maintained.</p> <ul id="peo_document275.en.s002l002" list-type="bullet"> <li> <p id="peo_document275.en.s002p004"> <strong>Headgear.</strong> When the rules allow, protective headgear should be worn for sparring or for activities with risk of falling, such as high jumps or flying kicks.</p> </li> <li> <p id="peo_document275.en.s002p005"> <strong>Body pads</strong> can help protect against scrapes and bruises and limit the pain from kicks and punches. Arm pads, shin pads, and chest protection for sparring.</p> </li> <li> <p id="peo_document275.en.s002p006"> <strong>Mouth guards.</strong> </p> </li> </ul> </li> <li> <p id="peo_document275.en.s002p007"> <strong>Environment.</strong> Mats and floors should be safe to play on. Gaps between mats can cause sprained ankles. Wet or worn floors can cause slips and falls.</p> </li> </ul> </div> <div id="peo_document275.en.s003" class="disp-level1"> <h3>Common injuries</h3> <div id="peo_document275.en.s004" class="disp-level2"> <h3>Scrapes and bruises</h3> <p id="peo_document275.en.s003p001">Scrapes and bruises are by far the most common injuries seen in the martial arts. They often result from falls onto mats, kicks and punches that are “off target,” or when proper padding is not worn. All scrapes and cuts should be washed with soap and water and bandaged before returning to activity. Bruises are best treated with ice applied for 20 to 30 minutes. They will slowly get better and fade over 2 to 3 days.</p> </div> <div id="peo_document275.en.s005" class="disp-level2"> <h3>Sprains and strains</h3> <p id="peo_document275.en.s005p001">Sprains and strains become more common as children get older. Ankles, knees, and elbows are the joints most often sprained. Muscle strains usually happen in the front (quadriceps) or the back (hamstrings) of the thigh. Most knee and ankle sprains occur either by landing awkwardly after a jump or by improper contact with a partner. Elbow and wrist injuries happen with falling, punching, or blocking. Muscle strains can occur with trying to kick too high or punch too hard without using correct form or having properly warmed up.</p> </div> <div id="peo_document275.en.s006" class="disp-level2"> <h3>Finger and toe injuries</h3> <p id="peo_document275.en.s006p001">Finger and toe injuries are often due to the large amount of kicking and punching of padded targets. They may also happen when sparring with a partner. These injuries are usually the result of poor kicking and punching technique. Contact with the target should never be initiated with the fingers or toes. Jammed fingers result from holding the hand in the wrong position (fingers spread) or if the toes are used to hit the target (instead of the heel or top of the foot).</p> <p id="peo_document275.en.s006p002">Any injury that is associated with a dislocation, deformity, inability to straighten or bend the finger, or significant pain should be examined by a doctor. X-rays are usually needed. Buddy tape may be all that is needed to return to sports; however, this cannot be assumed without an exam and x-ray. Swelling often persists for weeks to months after a finger joint sprain. Ice, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and range of motion exercises are important for treatment.</p> </div> <div id="peo_document275.en.s007" class="disp-level2"> <h3>Head injuries</h3> <p id="peo_document275.en.s007p001">Concussions can occur in martial arts if children fall and strike their heads, or if they are kicked or punched in the head. A concussion is any injury to the brain that disrupts normal brain function on a temporary or permanent basis.</p> <p id="peo_document275.en.s007p002">The signs and symptoms of a concussion range from subtle to obvious and usually happen right after the injury but may take hours to days to show up. Athletes who have had concussions may report feeling normal before their brain has fully recovered. With most concussions, the player is not knocked out or unconscious.</p> <p id="peo_document275.en.s007p003">Prematurely returning to play after a concussion can lead to another concussion or even death. An athlete with a history of concussion is more susceptible to another injury than an athlete with no history of concussion. Once a concussion has occurred, it is important to make sure the helmet is fitted properly. If the concussion occurred due to the player leading with the head to make a tackle, he should be strongly discouraged from continuing that practice.</p> <p id="peo_document275.en.s007p004"> <strong>All concussions are serious, and all athletes with suspected concussions should not return to play until they see a doctor. The AAP recommends children avoid sports that reward blows to the head.</strong> </p> </div> </div> <div id="peo_document275.en.s008" class="disp-level1"> <h3>Types of martial arts</h3> <p id="peo_document275.en.s008p001">The term <italic>martial arts</italic> can be used to describe any number of styles or disciplines of self-defense practices. There are many different styles practiced around the world, with the most popular forms being karate, tae kwon do, and judo.</p> <ul id="peo_document275.en.s008l001" list-type="bullet"> <li> <p id="peo_document275.en.s008p002"> <strong>Karate (KAH-rah-teh) means “empty hand,” as it is normally practiced without weapons.</strong> Karate is a traditional Japanese form. The hands and feet are trained and prepared for use in a weaponless form of self- defense.</p> </li> <li> <p id="peo_document275.en.s008p003"> <strong>Tae kwon do (tahy-kwon-doh) means “the way of foot and fist.”</strong> This is a traditional Korean martial art. It is also the most popular. This form highlights discipline, respect, and personal growth and focuses on the use of the feet for powerful kicks in self-defense.</p> </li> <li> <p id="peo_document275.en.s008p004"> <strong>Judo (joo-doh) means “gentle way” and is known for a variety of throwing techniques.</strong> It uses many methods to control an opponent while on the ground. In many ways it is more similar to wrestling than to the other martial arts.</p> </li> <li> <p id="peo_document275.en.s008p005"> <strong>Kung fu (kung-foo) most commonly translates to “hard work” and is one of the oldest forms of martial arts.</strong> The term may be used to describe all of the hundreds of Chinese martial arts. Kung fu is mainly a “stand-up” form of the martial arts, known for its powerful blocks. Wushu is the most popular and modern form of kung fu.</p> </li> <li> <p id="peo_document275.en.s008p006"> <strong>Aikido (eye-key-do) means “way of harmony.”</strong> This Japanese martial art is known as a throwing style. It teaches a nonaggressive approach to self-defense, focusing on joint locks, throws, and restraining techniques, rather than kicks and punches. While aikido may be learned at any age, it is especially popular among women and older adults. Aikido is not practiced as a competitive sport.</p> </li> <li> <p id="peo_document275.en.s008p007"> <strong>Jujitsu (joo-jit-soo) means “the art of softness” and emphasizes techniques that allow a smaller fighter to overcome a bigger, stronger opponent.</strong> First practiced in Japan, jujutsu is considered a ground fighting or grappling style of the martial arts. Many of the forms have been incorporated into other martial arts such as judo, karate, and aikido. The arm lock and submission techniques have been taught to police all over the world.</p> </li> </ul> </div> <div id="peo_document275.en.s009" class="disp-level1"> <h3>Remember</h3> <p id="peo_document275.en.s009p001">Martial arts injuries can be prevented with proper supervision and compliance with the rules and safety guidelines in place for martial arts.</p> </div> </div> <script> var f = document.getElementById("framecontent"); = "100%";//f.contentWindow.document.body.scrollHeight + "px"; = "100%";//f.contentWindow.document.body.scrollHeight + "px"; = "1000px";//f.contentWindow.document.body.scrollHeight + "px"; = f.contentWindow.document.body.scrollHeight + "px"; // = "846px";//f.contentWindow.document.body.scrollHeight + "px"; </script> <div class="pwcopyright">Copyright © 2010</div> <style> .applogos{margin-top:1em;display:block;width:100%;} .aaplogo{max-width:20em;width:100%;float:left;} .aaplogo2{max-width:20em;width:100%;float:left;} 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<option value="Heat-Rash">Heat Rash</option> <option value="Hives">Hives</option> <option value="Human-or-Animal-Bite">Human or Animal Bite</option> <option value="Immunization-Reactions">Immunization Reactions</option> <option value="Impetigo-Infected-Sores">Impetigo - Infected Sores</option> <option value="Infection-Exposure-Questions">Infection Exposure Questions</option> <option value="Influenza-Seasonal">Influenza - Seasonal</option> <option value="Influenza-Exposure">Influenza Exposure</option> <option value="Insect-Bite">Insect Bite</option> <option value="Jaundiced-Newborn">Jaundiced Newborn</option> <option value="Jellyfish-Sting">Jellyfish Sting</option> <option value="Jock-Itch">Jock Itch</option> <option value="Leg-Injury">Leg Injury</option> <option value="Leg-Pain">Leg Pain</option> <option value="Lice-Head">Lice - Head</option> <option value="Lymph-Nodes-Swollen">Lymph Nodes - Swollen</option> <option value="Medicine-Refusal-to-Take">Medicine - Refusal to Take</option> 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value="Skin-Foreign-Object">Skin Foreign Object</option> <option value="Skin-Injury">Skin Injury</option> <option value="Skin-Lump">Skin Lump</option> <option value="Sliver-or-Splinter">Sliver or Splinter</option> <option value="Sore-Throat">Sore Throat</option> <option value="Spider-Bite">Spider Bite</option> <option value="Spitting-Up-Reflux">Spitting Up - Reflux</option> <option value="Stomach-Pain-Female">Stomach Pain - Female</option> <option value="Stomach-Pain-Male">Stomach Pain - Male</option> <option value="Stools-Blood-In">Stools - Blood In</option> <option value="Stools-Unusual-Color">Stools - Unusual Color</option> <option value="Strep-Throat-Exposure">Strep Throat Exposure</option> <option value="Strep-Throat-Infection">Strep Throat Infection</option> <option value="Sty">Sty</option> <option value="Sunburn">Sunburn</option> <option value="Suture-Questions">Suture Questions</option> <option value="Swallowed-Foreign-Object">Swallowed Foreign Object</option> <option value="Swallowed-Harmless-Substance">Swallowed Harmless Substance</option> <option value="Swimmer-s-Itch-Lakes-and-Oceans">Swimmer's Itch - Lakes and Oceans</option> <option value="Tear-Duct-Blocked">Tear Duct - Blocked</option> <option value="Teething">Teething</option> <option value="Thrush">Thrush</option> <option value="Tick-Bite">Tick Bite</option> <option value="Toe-Injury">Toe Injury</option> <option value="Toenail-Ingrown">Toenail - Ingrown</option> <option value="Tooth-Injury">Tooth Injury</option> <option value="Toothache">Toothache</option> <option value="Umbilical-Cord-Symptoms">Umbilical Cord Symptoms</option> <option value="Urinary-Tract-Infection-Female">Urinary Tract Infection - Female</option> <option value="Urination-Pain-Female">Urination Pain - Female</option> <option value="Urination-Pain-Male">Urination Pain - Male</option> <option value="Vaginal-Bleeding">Vaginal Bleeding</option> <option value="Vaginal-Symptoms">Vaginal Symptoms</option> <option value="Vomiting-With-Diarrhea">Vomiting With Diarrhea</option> <option value="Vomiting-Without-Diarrhea">Vomiting Without Diarrhea</option> <option value="Warts">Warts</option> <option value="Weakness-and-Fatigue">Weakness and Fatigue</option> <option value="Wheezing-Other-Than-Asthma">Wheezing (Other Than Asthma)</option> <option value="Wound-Infection">Wound Infection</option> </select> <input type="submit" name="p$lt$zoneIYCS$pwmedical_premiumarticle$btnGo" value="Go" id="p_lt_zoneIYCS_pwmedical_premiumarticle_btnGo" class="pwsubmit" /> </div> <div id="p_lt_zoneIYCS_pwmedical_premiumarticle3_panelDropDown"> <select name="p$lt$zoneIYCS$pwmedical_premiumarticle3$ddlArticles" id="ddlArticles" class="pwdropdown"> <option selected="selected" value="">Enfermedades y Síntomas...</option> <option value="Ataque-de-Asma">Ataque de Asma</option> <option value="Candidiasis-Oral-o-Algodoncillo">Candidiasis Oral o Algodoncillo</option> <option value="Circuncision-Problemas-de-la">Circuncisión Problemas de la</option> <option value="Comezon-o-Irritacion-Vaginal">Comezón o Irritación Vaginal</option> <option value="Conducto-Lagrimal-Bloqueado">Conducto Lagrimal - Bloqueado</option> <option value="Congelacion">Congelación</option> <option value="Crup">Crup</option> <option value="Denticion-Los-Primeros-Dientes">Dentición (Los Primeros Dientes)</option> <option value="Dermatitis-del-Panal">Dermatitis del Pañal</option> <option value="Diarrea">Diarrea</option> <option value="Dolor-de-Brazo">Dolor de Brazo</option> <option value="Dolor-de-Cabeza">Dolor de Cabeza</option> <option value="Dolor-de-Dientes">Dolor de Dientes</option> <option value="Dolor-de-Espalda">Dolor de Espalda</option> <option value="Dolor-de-Garganta">Dolor de Garganta</option> <option value="Dolor-de-Oido">Dolor de Oído</option> <option value="Dolor-de-Pecho">Dolor de Pecho</option> <option value="Dolor-de-Pierna">Dolor de Pierna</option> <option value="Dolor-o-Congestion-de-Los-Senos-Paranas">Dolor o Congestión de Los Senos Paranasales (Sinusitis)</option> <option value="Dolor-o-Rigidez-en-el-Cuello">Dolor o Rigidez en el Cuello</option> <option value="El-Orzuelo">El Orzuelo</option> <option value="Enfermedad-Aftosa">Enfermedad Aftosa</option> <option value="Enfermedades-del-Recien-Nacido-Como-Re">Enfermedades del Recién Nacido: Cómo Reconocerlas</option> <option value="Estrenimiento">Estreñimiento</option> <option value="Excremento-Color-Inusual-del">Excremento - Color Inusual del</option> <option value="Excremento-Con-Sangre">Excremento - Con Sangre</option> <option value="Exposicion-a-la-Faringitis-Estreptococi">Exposición a la Faringitis Estreptocócica</option> <option value="Exposicion-a-la-Gripe">Exposición a la Gripe</option> <option value="Exposicion-y-Reacciones-al-Calor">Exposición y Reacciones al Calor</option> <option value="Fiebre">Fiebre</option> <option value="Ganglio-Linfatico-Inflamado">Ganglio Linfático - Inflamado</option> <option value="Gripe-Estacional">Gripe - Estacional</option> <option value="Herida-de-Puncion">Herida de Punción</option> <option value="Hiedra-Roble-O-Sumante-Venenoso">Hiedra, Roble O Sumante Venenoso</option> <option value="Ictericia-En-El-Recien-Nacido">Ictericia En El Recién Nacido</option> <option value="Impetigo-Llagas-Infectadas">Impétigo - Llagas Infectadas</option> <option value="Infeccion-de-una-Herida">Infección de una Herida</option> <option value="Las-Ampollas">Las Ampollas</option> <option value="Lesion-a-los-Dientes">Lesión a los Dientes</option> <option value="Lesion-de-la-Nariz">Lesión de la Nariz</option> <option value="Lesion-de-la-Pierna">Lesión de la Pierna</option> <option value="Lesion-del-Brazo">Lesión del Brazo</option> <option value="Lesion-En-La-Boca">Lesión En La Boca</option> <option value="Lesion-en-la-Cabeza">Lesión en la Cabeza</option> <option value="Liquidos-Menos-Consumo-de">Líquidos, Menos Consumo de</option> <option value="Llanto-de-Ninos-Mayores-de-3-Meses-de-E">Llanto de Niños Mayores de 3 Meses de Edad –Irritabilidad Inconsolable</option> <option value="Llanto-de-Ninos-Menores-de-3-Meses-de-E">Llanto de Niños Menores de 3 Meses de Edad</option> <option value="Lombrices-Intestinales">Lombrices Intestinales</option> <option value="Medicamentos-Negarse-a-Tomarselos">Medicamentos - Negarse a Tomárselos</option> <option value="Mordedura-de-Animal-o-de-Persona">Mordedura de Animal o de Persona</option> <option value="Objeto-Extrano-En-La-Piel">Objeto Extraño En La Piel</option> <option value="Oido-Congestion">Oído - Congestión</option> <option value="Oido-Jalones-O-Comezon">Oído - Jalones O Comezón</option> <option value="Oido-Lesion">Oído - Lesión</option> <option value="Oido-Otitis-Externa-Oido-del-Nadador">Oído - Otitis Externa (Oído del Nadador)</option> <option value="Oido-Supuracion">Oído - Supuración</option> <option value="Ojo-Alergia">Ojo - Alergia</option> <option value="Ojo-Cuerpo-Extrano">Ojo - Cuerpo Extraño</option> <option value="Ojo-Enrojecimiento-Sin-Pus">Ojo - Enrojecimiento - Sin Pus</option> <option value="Ojo-Lesion">Ojo - Lesión</option> <option value="Ojo-Pus-o-Supuracion">Ojo - Pus o Supuración</option> <option value="Picadura-de-Arana">Picadura de Araña</option> <option value="Picadura-de-Garrapata">Picadura de Garrapata</option> <option value="Picadura-de-Abeja-o-de-Vespula-Yellow">Picadura de Abeja o de Véspula (Yellow Jacket)</option> <option value="Picadura-de-Insecto">Picadura de Insecto</option> <option value="Picaduras-Mosquito">Picaduras Mosquito</option> <option value="Pie-de-Atleta">Pie de Atleta</option> <option value="Piel-Agrietada-o-Seca">Piel Agrietada o Seca</option> <option value="Piojos-Cabeza">Piojos - Cabeza</option> <option value="Preguntas-Sobre-La-Alimentacion-Con-Bib">Preguntas Sobre La Alimentación Con Biberón</option> <option value="Preguntas-Sobre-La-Apariencia-En-El-Rec">Preguntas Sobre La Apariencia En El Recién Nacido</option> <option value="Preguntas-Sobre-La-Lactancia">Preguntas Sobre La Lactancia</option> <option value="Preguntas-Sobre-Las-Infecciones-de-Oido">Preguntas Sobre Las Infecciones de Oído</option> <option value="Preguntas-Sobre-Las-Suturas">Preguntas Sobre Las Suturas</option> <option value="Quemadura-de-Sol">Quemadura de Sol</option> <option value="Reacciones-A-Las-Vacunas">Reacciones A Las Vacunas</option> <option value="Reflejos-y-Conductas-de-los-Recien-Naci">Reflejos y Conductas de los Recién Nacidos</option> <option value="Regurgitacion-Reflujo">Regurgitación - Reflujo</option> <option value="Resfriados">Resfriados</option> <option value="Salpullido-o-Rojez-Esparcido">Salpullido o Rojez - Esparcido</option> <option value="Salpullido-o-Rojez-Localizado">Salpullido o Rojez - Localizado</option> <option value="Salpullido-por-Color">Salpullido por Color</option> <option value="Salpullido-y-Marcas-en-el-Recien-Nacido">Salpullido y Marcas en el Recién Nacido</option> <option value="Sangrado-de-la-Nariz">Sangrado de la Nariz</option> <option value="Sibilancia-Que-No-Sea-Por-Asma">Sibilancia (Que No Sea Por Asma)</option> <option value="Sintomas-del-Cordon-Umbilical">Síntomas del Cordón Umbilical</option> <option value="Sintomas-del-Pene-y-el-Escroto">Síntomas del Pene y el Escroto</option> <option value="Tina">Tiña</option> <option value="Tos">Tos</option> <option value="Ulceras-Bucales-Llagas-Ulcerosas">Úlceras Bucales (Llagas Ulcerosas)</option> <option value="Urticaria">Urticaria</option> <option value="Varicela">Varicela</option> <option value="Vomito-Con-Diarrea">Vómito Con Diarrea</option> <option value="Vomito-Sin-Diarrea">Vómito Sin Diarrea</option> </select> <input type="submit" name="p$lt$zoneIYCS$pwmedical_premiumarticle3$btnGo" value="Go" id="p_lt_zoneIYCS_pwmedical_premiumarticle3_btnGo" class="pwsubmit" /> </div> <div id="p_lt_zoneIYCS_pwmedical_premiumarticle1_panelDropDown"> <select name="p$lt$zoneIYCS$pwmedical_premiumarticle1$ddlArticles" id="ddlArticles" class="pwdropdown"> <option selected="selected" value="">Medicine Dosages...</option> <option value="Acetaminophen">Acetaminophen</option> <option value="ASDs-Family-Handout-Introduction-to-Complementary">ASDs Family Handout—Introduction to Complementary and Alternative Medicine</option> <option value="Choosing-Over-the-Counter-Medicines-for-Your-Child">Choosing Over-the-Counter Medicines for Your Child</option> <option value="Cold-Medicines">Cold Medicines</option> <option value="Cough-Medicines">Cough Medicines</option> <option value="Giving-Eye-drops-to-your-Toddler">Giving Eye drops to your Toddler</option> <option value="Guide-to-Your-Child-s-Medicines-A">Giving Medicine to Children: Important Safety Information</option> <option value="How-Asthma-Medicines-Are-Taken">How Asthma Medicines Are Taken</option> <option value="Ibuprofen">Ibuprofen</option> <option value="Itching-Allergies">Itching/Allergies</option> <option value="Medications-Administration-of">Medications, Administration of</option> <option value="Medicine-and-the-Media">Medicine and the Media: How to Make Sense of the Messages</option> <option value="Parent-s-Guide-to-Complementary-and-Integrative-Me">Parent's Guide to Complementary and Integrative Medicine, A</option> <option value="Use-of-Medicines-in-Sports-Care-of-the-Young-Athl">Use of Medicines in Sports (Care of the Young Athlete)</option> <option value="Using-Liquid-Medicines">Using Liquid Medicines</option> <option value="Using-Over-the-Counter-Medicines-with-Your-Child">Using Over-the-Counter Medicines with Your Child</option> </select> <input type="submit" name="p$lt$zoneIYCS$pwmedical_premiumarticle1$btnGo" value="Go" id="p_lt_zoneIYCS_pwmedical_premiumarticle1_btnGo" class="pwsubmit" /> </div> <div id="p_lt_zoneIYCS_pwmedical_premiumarticle2_panelDropDown"> <select name="p$lt$zoneIYCS$pwmedical_premiumarticle2$ddlArticles" id="ddlArticles" class="pwdropdown"> <option selected="selected" value="">Medical Conditions...</option> <option value="Guide-to-Children-s-Dental-Health-A">A Guide to Children's Dental Health</option> <option value="Acute-Ear-Infections-and-Your-Child">Acute Ear Infections and Your Child</option> <option value="Allergies-in-Children">Allergies in Children</option> <option value="Anaphylaxis">Anaphylaxis </option> <option value="Anemia-and-Your-Young-Child">Anemia and Your Young Child: Guidelines for Parents: Adapted from Caring for Your Baby and Young Child: Birth to Age 5</option> <option value="Anesthesia-and-Your-Child">Anesthesia and Your Child: Information for Parents</option> <option value="Ankle-Sprain-Treatment-Care-of-the-Young-Athlete">Ankle Sprain Treatment (Care of the Young Athlete)</option> <option value="Antibiotics-and-Your-Child">Antibiotics and Your Child</option> <option value="Anxiety">Anxiety</option> <option value="Appendicitis">Appendicitis</option> <option value="Asthma">Asthma</option> <option value="Asthma-and-Exercise-Care-of-the-Young-Athlete">Asthma and Exercise (Care of the Young Athlete)</option> <option value="Asthma-and-Your-Child">Asthma and Your Child </option> <option value="Asthma-Triggers">Asthma Triggers</option> <option value="Bedwetting">Bedwetting</option> <option value="Breath-Holding-Spells">Breath-Holding Spells</option> <option value="Bronchiolitis-and-Your-Young-Child">Bronchiolitis and Your Young Child</option> <option value="Chickenpox-Vaccine-The">Chickenpox Vaccine, The</option> <option value="Colds">Colds</option> <option value="Common-Childhood-Infections">Common Childhood Infections</option> <option value="Congenital-Hip-Dysplasia">Congenital Hip Dysplasia</option> <option value="Constipation">Constipation</option> <option value="Constipation-and-Your-Child">Constipation and Your Child</option> <option value="Croup">Croup</option> <option value="Croup-and-Your-Young-Child">Croup and Your Young Child</option> <option value="Croup-When-Your-Child-Needs-Hospital-Care">Croup: When Your Child Needs Hospital Care</option> <option value="Depression">Depression</option> <option value="Developmental-Dysplasia-of-the-Hip">Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip</option> <option value="Diaper-Rash">Diaper Rash and Your baby </option> <option value="Diarrhea-and-Dehydration">Diarrhea and Your Child</option> <option value="Diarrhea-Vomiting-and-Water-Loss-Dehydration">Diarrhea, Vomiting, and Water Loss (Dehydration)</option> <option value="Ear-Infections">Ear Infections</option> <option value="Eating-Disorders">Eating Disorders</option> <option value="Eating-Disorders-Anorexia-and-Bulimia">Eating Disorders: Anorexia and Bulimia</option> <option value="Eczema-Atopic-Dermatitis">Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis) and Your Child</option> <option value="Febrile-Seizures">Febrile Seizures</option> <option value="Fever">Fever</option> <option value="Fever-and-Your-Child">Fever and Your Child</option> <option value="Flu-The">Flu, The</option> <option value="Food-Allergies-and-Your-Child">Food Allergies and Your Child </option> <option value="Gastroenteritis-Viral">Gastroenteritis, Viral</option> <option value="Hand-Foot-and-Mouth">Hand Foot and Mouth</option> <option value="Head-Lice">Head Lice</option> <option value="Hip-Dysplasia-Developmental-Dysplasia-of-the-Hip">Hip Dysplasia (Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip)</option> <option value="How-to-Take-Your-Child-s-Temperature">How to Take Your Child's Temperature</option> <option value="Imaging-Tests-A-Look-Inside-Your-Child-s-Body">Imaging Tests: A Look Inside Your Child's Body</option> <option value="Immunizations">Immunizations</option> <option value="Inhaled-and-Intranasal-Corticosteroids-and-Your-Ch">Inhaled and Intranasal Corticosteroids and Your Child</option> <option value="Lead-Poisoning">Lead Poisoning</option> <option value="Learning-Disabilities-What-Parents-Need-to-Know">Learning Disabilities: What Parents Need to Know</option> <option value="Lyme-Disease">Lyme Disease</option> <option value="ADHD-and-Your-School-aged-Child">Managing Chronic Health Needs in Child Care and Schools—Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)</option> <option value="Mental-Health">Mental Health</option> <option value="Middle-Ear-Fluid-and-Your-Child">Middle Ear Fluid and Your Child</option> <option value="Osgood-Schlatter-Disease">Osgood-Schlatter Disease (Care of the Young Athlete)</option> <option value="Parasites-Giardia">Parasites - Giardia</option> <option value="Pneumonia-and-Your-Child">Pneumonia and Your Child</option> <option value="Rotavirus">Rotavirus</option> <option value="Safety-of-Blood-Transfusions">Safety of Blood Transfusions</option> <option value="Seasonal-Influenza-Flu-2014-2015">Seasonal Influenza (Flu)</option> <option value="Sinusitis-and-Your-Child">Sinusitis and Your Child</option> <option value="Sleep-Apnea-and-Your-Child">Sleep Apnea and Your Child</option> <option value="Tonsils-and-the-Adenoid">Tonsils and the Adenoid</option> <option value="Toxoplasmosis">Toxoplasmosis</option> <option value="Type-2-Diabetes-Tips-for-Healthy-Living">Type 2 Diabetes: Tips for Healthy Living</option> <option value="Urinary-Tract-Infections-in-Young-Children">Urinary Tract Infections in Young Children</option> <option value="What-is-Clean-Intermittent-Catheterization">What is Clean Intermittent Catheterization?</option> <option value="Food-Borne-Illnesses">Food Borne Illnesses</option> </select> <input type="submit" name="p$lt$zoneIYCS$pwmedical_premiumarticle2$btnGo" value="Go" id="p_lt_zoneIYCS_pwmedical_premiumarticle2_btnGo" class="pwsubmit" /> </div> <a id="p_lt_zoneIYCS_Link5_hyperLink" class="symptomchecker" href="/Is-Your-Child-Sick/Is-Your-Child-Sick.aspx"><span id="p_lt_zoneIYCS_Link5_lblText">Visual Symptom Checker</span></a></div> <div class="medpanel">Is Your Child Sick?<sup>TM</sup> </div></div> <div class="col-lg-3 col-md-3 col-sm-6 col-xs-12"><div class="medpanel2"></div><a 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